We have a variety of popular paid and free Apps now featured in the iPhone Apps store. We also have several apps under development and/or in the Apple review process. We are extremely excited about several Celebrity Apps that we will soon be launching with top athletes, entertainment stars and science experts.

We are currently working on additional entertainment apps as well as productivity, photographic, social, news and celebrity-focused apps. Please check back often to learn what we are up to. In the meantime, feel free to explore the site to learn about our apps and news related to our company.

Be sure to read the latest news about our newest and recently rejected app, You Lie and reasons for Apple’s rejection.

Enjoy a promotional video of our hit entertainment app, Nag-O-Meter Deluxe. It offer hundreds of high quality Nags all recorded by actors with extremely Nagging voices! You can play Nags, use them as ringtones, email them to friends and even set Calendar alarms using funny Nags.

Nag-O-Meter Deluxe and Nag-O-Meter Lite are both available on the Apple iPhone App Store or iTunes.

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