Videohunters is the #1 app to watch YouTube videos on your iPad because of its simple design and cool features which let you browse effortlessly through all your favorite videos and share them instantly with your friends. The App’s unique interface allows you to discover and organize videos in a fun and unique way. With Videohunters, organizing your most beloved videos in collections of themes to watch over and over again, was never easier. If you are frequent YouTube user, this app is a MUST for you!


“VideoHunters is really great. I love it! A great way to curate videos and share them”
– Leo Laporte, iPad Today

“VideoHunters is a revolutionary iPad app that will change the way you watch YouTube videos on your iPad”

“VideoHunters really sets the bar when it comes to watching and sharing videos. This App is a gamechanger.”
– iPhoneVenue

Noted Features:

What really sets this App apart is the Themes functionality. Themes are a collection of videos organized around a specific topic. VideoHunters comes with hundreds of themes such as favorite music artists, sports leagues, travel destinations, games, hobbies and more. Best of all, you can modify our themes and even create themes from scratch.

Use themes to:

We are committed to providing you with the best possible video experience on the iPad and are working constantly to add robust features. Here are some of the many features that you will be seeing very soon in new releases — all available via free updates:

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