USC Cultural Relations and University Events (CRUE)

USC’s Cultural Relations and University Events (CRUE) App was developed using our Event Management Platform. The platform offers organizations such as USC’s a plethora of easy to use tools during events to easily manage attendees, table management, special requests, logs from previous and future events and more! The CRUE app allows the event team to seamlessly check users in and automatically have their badge wirelessly print for a streamlined and efficient check in process for USC’s many events.

Content Management System
The Event Management Platform includes a comprehensive web-based Content Management System (CMS). The CMS has been developed in parallel with the Mobile App Platform Module. All aspects of the App can be controlled and managed directly from the web. Event files (XML), logs from previous and future events, attendee requests and more can all be controlled via the CMS.


  • Guest List Management with Simple Importing and Exporting
  • Ability to Add and Modify Guests in Real Time
  • Track Where Attendees Are Seated and Occupancy of Tables
  • Wirelessly Print Name Badges to Wireless Printer When Checking In
  • Easily Accessible Special Requests Such as Dietary Restrictions
  • User Roles for Basic and Admin Access
  • Efficient Synchronization Between Devices for Checking In Attendees
  • Push Notifications
  • App Analytics and Usage Reporting