Developed using The APP Company Platform

We were contacted by the UAW Local 3212 in March 2020.  They were looking for an App to help communicate with members during the onset of the pandemic.  They needed the app quickly and wanted to be able to send push notifications  and keep the app current with news, videos, important documents, announcements and action items.  They also wanted a platform to allow member to communicate with each other and to send messages and concerns to the UAW staff.

The UAW was a perfect candidate for The APP Company Platform.  Not only is it extremely affordable when compared to custom programming options, but the platform allowed us to create the app in days to meet their needs.

The app uses many of the popular features of the platform including push notification, bulletin board, videos, photo gallery, membership forms, custom content, mapping and blogs.  The platform also allows UAW staff to manage the app content, add new features, and change the design without the need for app updates.


"We were looking for a way to keep our membership informed and together during the initial stages of the COVID-19 crisis. Our experience with The App Company team and the TAC Platform has exceeded our expectations. The membership loves the App and the App delivers on its promise — it's a great tool to send information to our members and allows us to get the feedback that we might have missed in the past."
James L. Dumas
Financial Secretary

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The APP Company Platform

The UAW union app uses the App Company Platform.  It provides industry leading features with no coding!  Clients can create apps in hours or days at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development.  Custom development can cost you 10’s of thousands of dollars and take months to build. Our platform offers all of the same features and quality of a custom app at a fraction of the price. Apps cost just $149/month and take a week or so from signup to seeing your app on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

APP Features


Notify members of the lastest news and events that are most important to them. Use our content manager, include PDFs or read the news from RSS feeds and internet webpages.


Include individual videos and/or video playlists.

Photo Galleries

Display beautiful photo galleries of member events, activities, families, etc.


Create your own blog right in the platform or include UAW parent-organization blogs from the internet and display RSS feeds.

Push Notifications

Alert members of information important to them. These notification will be received even when members are not in the app.


Include maps with locations and points-of-interest important to them. The app provides directions to these locations.


Include forms to allow members to submit requests, ask questions and to signup for newsletters.

Web Pages

Include webpages from other sources. For example, feature legal information, financial sites such as credit unions and display the latest issues of Solidarity Magazine.


Allow members to chat in groups, direct message each other and direct message staff.

Event Calendar

Add event calendars and schedules so members are always up to date on the union calendar.

Social Media

Aggregate all of your social media pages in one location.

Rewards / Check-in

User our loyalty program and check-in tool to incentivize members to attend events, to make recommendations and referrals or reward any activity you deem important.