Trump/Clinton 2016 Election Emoji Stickers

The 2016 Election has come and gone between the two most talked about candidates in US History, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump/Clinton 2016 Election Emoji Stickers allows you to spike up the laughter in your texting conversations with emoji stickers based on the memorable one-liners and actions from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

There is only one thing that liberals and conservatives can both agree on during this tumultuous election season. Texting with these hilarious satirical emoji stickers brings levity into one of the most polarizing elections in years.

Trump/Clinton 2016 Election Emoji Stickers features over 40 beautifully drawn political cartoons and GIFs by our team of talented satirical artists. Stickers include many of the most talked about quotes and terms of speech of the election including:

  • Donald Trump’s Basket of Deplorables
  • Hillary’s True Stamina
  • Donald Trump’s Chant to Lock Hillary Clinton Up
  • Mexico Paying for Donald Trump’s Wall
  • Trump’s Interesting Terms of Speech Such as Bigly and Everyone Says So
  • Puppet Trump
  • Yuge!

And many more!


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