The IBEAR App was developed using our Alumni Platform. The IBEAR App is the official private ‘IBEAR Only’ way to stay in touch with your peers. IBEAR is a very close knit, but far flung group. The App shrinks the distance and make communication easy. The goal is to help IBEARs contact, connect, and communicate.

The IBEAR App features IBEARs Nearby. In the airport in a new city? The IBEARs Nearby feature will tell you in seconds which IBEAR Alumni are nearby. One click and you have sent a text message and made a connection. The App helps you build and organize your network.

In designing the USC IBEAR App, The APP Company listened to our ideas and then showed us how we could make it better…and that is what we look for in a vendor.Pankaj Bhushan, Assistant Director, USC IBEAR MBA Program

The IBEAR App includes a Job Board that allows you to search for jobs as well as post positions that come available in your company.

Plus you can keep up on the world of IBEAR with the Events and IBEAR Life sections.

The IBEAR App. Contact. Connect. Communicate


  • Find Local IBEAR Alumni Around You and Around the World
  • See Which IBEAR Alumni Are Traveling for Networking Opportunities
  • Find IBEAR Alumni by Class, Year, Location, Industry, and More!
  • Connect and Message Other IBEAR Alumni
  • Find and Post Jobs for IBEAR Alumni
  • Find and Post Events for IBEAR Alumni
  • Variety of Profile and Privacy Settings
  • IBEAR Program/Guide/FAQ/News
  • Social Media Support for Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube Channels
  • YouTube Video and Google Photos Integration
  • Supports Various Website API’s and Data
  • Push Notifications
  • App Analytics and Usage Reporting