Ron Artest – Let’s Do It!

This is the one and only Official Ron Artest App for iOS.

  • The Ron Artest Show: Ron takes you inside the ropes and into the NBA and Music worlds
  • Dozens of exclusive videos and original webisode shows
  • Interact directly with Ron: Ron is known for the access he gives his fans, and he steps up this access through his App
  • NBA All Access: Are you a fan of the NBA? All 30 NBA teams have their own section in this App which includes the latest news, videos and streaming podcasts, tweets by top players and fans, blogs devoted to each team and Facebook and Myspace pages
  • Over 100 pre-installed themes so you can start your browsing experience immediately
  • Music: All of Ron’s music is available through the App, samples of every song, as well as behind the scenes videos of Ron and his music celebrity friends and collaborators

FanConnect is the first service to incorporate Patent Pending “Venue-based” chat. When you’re at the Staples Center watching the Lakers play, turn on the App and chat with other fans at the game. When you’re at home in your living room, you can follow the conversation and even interact directly with fans at the game. All 30 NBA arenas are included in the App, so you can follow Ron on the road or discuss games with fans of other teams. You can also tap into fans and conversations at any and every NBA arena in real-time.


  • The Ron Artest Show
  • Dozens of Exclusive Videos and Original Webisode Shows
  • Interact Directly with Ron
  • NBA All Access
  • FanConnect
  • Over 100 Pre-Installed Themes
  • All of Ron’s Music and Behind the Scenes
  • Supports Various Website APIs and Data
  • App Analytics and Usage Reporting