RATIONAL USA’s Training App was developed using our TAC APP Platform. The RATIONAL USA Training App is a SelfCookingCenter® training app for all SelfCookingCenter® 09/2011 or newer. Find training videos for manual cooking, cooking processes, programing the units, adjusting the settings, and cleaning. See videos of our chef in action and also tutorials that give comprehensive instruction on all the buttons in the same easy to use format as the SelfCookingCenter®.


  • Videos of Corporate Chef Billy Buck using the SelfCookingCenter®
  • Instructional Videos Reviewing Step by Step Functions of the SelfCookingCenter®
  • Operator’s Manual, Accessories Brochure, Spec Sheets
  • Toll-Free ChefLine and RATIONAL Service Line Information with Instant Calling
  • Works with Website API’s and Data
  • Local Sales and Service Support Information
  • Fully Customizable Image Mapping
  • App Tutorial
  • Push Notifications
  • App Analytics and Usage Reporting