Do you have a great App or idea and need some guidance or marketing help?

The App Company has a track recorded for creating beautiful and unique Apps which become top-sellers and which are often featured on iTunes and the App Store. Many of our games are the result of our Publishing relationships. Please fill out our contact form so we can begin discussion your App and ideas with you.

The APP Company Publishing division (TACPub for short) is dedicated to bringing the best to The APP Store and making the most out of every game we publish. Outside of marketing services, TACPub specializes in offering developers hands-on assistance for improving the market value of their games. The requested changes are based on experience and trends in the app/game market. The major publication that works as a guide between producer and developer is the Producer’s Report. This 10-15 page document lays out a battle plan to give the published game the best re-entrance into the game market, or to give a new game the best launch possible. Additional development time for games can take anywhere between one to six months depending on how much extra effort a developer wants to put in. Changes can be both moderate or extreme based on the game’s state.

The producer’s report covers four main game elements: New User Experience, Gameplay, Monetization and Marketing.

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Demo Producer’s Report

Please take some time to review a 5-page demo producer’s report for our game Hyperball by clicking the image below:




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