Joe’s Italian Ice

The Joe’s Italian Ice App was developed using our Hospitality Platform. Joe’s Italian Ice has a huge following in both California and Arizona. Fans of Joe’s are known to wait in line for over an hour for a cup of their famous Italian Ices and Ice Cream. Joe’s changes it’s flavors each day and the App allows customers to know what flavors are available.

The App also includes a comprehensive Rewards Program. Joe’s already had a traditional punch card program and through the App, the Joe’s team is able to duplicate the punch card program in the App and deliver a better experience for their customers. Customers present their App at purchase and their virtual card is “punched” to reflect the purchase. Once the customer accumulates 10 punches they can present the App to receive a free Italian Ice or Ice Cream. Our Rewards Program allows management to add new rewards, change the points/punches needed for each award, track member and staff activity and more!


  • Find Out What Flavors They Have for The Day (They Change Flavors Daily!)
  • Integrated Rewards Card – Earn Stamps on Each Purchase to Receive Free Goodies!
  • Sophisticated CMS to Manage All Aspects of Rewards Program – Add Rewards, Track Membership Points, Manage Staff, Identify and Correct Fraudulent Transactions and More!
  • Subscribe to Receive Push Notifications for Promotions, Updates and More!
  • YouTube Video and Google Photos Integration
  • Supports Various Website APIs and Data
  • Advertising Placement Positions
  • Social Media Support for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs and YouTube Channels
  • Nutritional Information
  • Online Customer Surveys
  • App Analytics and Usage Reporting