Hyper Ball

Get ready to become addicted to Hyper Ball. Your goal is to control the Hyper Ball to keep it inside the boundary and unlock achievements for each level all the way up to level 20 and become the Hyper Ball champion. Hyper Ball features super easy controls. Just touch on the bottom left/right of the screen to move the ball to left or right.


  • Always keep the ball inside the boundary, which is the screen of your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
  • Collect coins. You will gain a hammer for every 5 coins that you collect
  • Tap on the red tiles to break them. You will loose a hammer every time you break a tile
  • Avoid traps. Use hammers and break tiles to escape if you get trapped
  • Unlock achievements for each level, ultimately becoming the Hyper Ball champion

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  • Unique Time and Score-Based Unlockable Achievements
  • Dynamic Tile and Background Graphics
  • Four Dynamic and Fun Balls with Unique Mechanics
  • Objectives and Levels
  • Ability to Record and Share Gameplay Videos
  • Various In-App Purchases and Power Ups
  • Social Media Support for Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube Channels
  • GameCenter Integration with Achievements
  • Push Notifications
  • App Analytics and Usage Reporting