How much does it cost to build an app?

Just like the cost of building a house, there are a plethora of factors that will help us answer the key question: How much does it cost to build an App?

  • Who is the audience for your App?
  • What features will the App have?
  • Are there similar Apps that attempt to satisfy similar objectives of your target audience?
  • Which platforms are you looking to develop your App for (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)?
  • Does your app need to work with other services? For example, does it pull data from web sources, does it need to work with a website, is there a commerce/merchant account component, etc.
  • Have you created any materials such as a business plan, written summary of your App, flowcharts, artwork/logos, mockups of screenshots, etc.? At this early stage of discussions we do not suggest you send us these pieces of information, but we would like to understand how far along you are in the conception and design of your App.
  • How many people do you believe will be using the app initially, after the first 6 months, after the first year, etc.

These are just a few questions that need answers before determining the cost of an App. The APP Company offers an industry leading App Platform that works for the majority of our customer needs. It requires no programming and produces native Apps for both iPhone and Android for just $149/month.  If you have a WordPress site we can pull all of your posts, pages and theme/plugin information right into the App using our free WordPress plugin.

Custom Apps start as low as $1,000-5,000 using proprietary technologies we have built and can repurpose for your brand and then we have custom Apps that will cost anywhere from $20,000 to over $100,000 that involve several months of custom programming and features. In our experience, any good custom App will cost a minimum of $20,000, but your App can likely be developed on one of our existing platforms, and if so, the cost can be considerably cheaper and the time to market will be greatly reduced.

We find it helpful if you can point to one or more Apps that are available on the App/Play stores and explain to us how your App will be similar to these. For example, you might say: "My App will be similar to Facebook, but focus on the farming community and will include resources and content sharing important to farmers." You can also say, my App is a cross between "product X" and "product Y".  It's also helpful for us to price an App and give you a development timeline if you can supply us with sketches, mockups or wireframes. A great online service for producing these is

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