One trusted platform for all of your charitable giving. That is the idea behind the Give app. Search our database of over 1.9 million approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Make tax-deductible donations and if you like, set up regular contribution plans.

Give will help you find and learn about the nonprofits that are doing the work that is important to you. Religious organizations, human interest causes, medical research, disaster relief efforts, you can find them all on Give and support their efforts.

Find a nonprofit you like? Mark it as a favorite for easy access every time you open Give. Use Give’s event builder to create your own fundraising page that can be seen by other users.

Nonprofit organizations use Give to reach supporters with messaging, news about recent events and updates on fundraising efforts. Every approved 501(c)(3) organization has their own page on Give that can be customized with a mission statement, pictures, links, videos and more.

Now there’s no excuse – giving has never been this easy.


  • Database of Over 1.9 Million Approved 501(c)(3) Organizations
  • Donate to Your Favorite Charity Easier Than Ever Before
  • Find and Save Your Favorite Nonprofits
  • Track Your Contributions for Tax Purposes
  • Payment Processing
  • Variety of Profile Settings
  • Supports Various Website APIs and Data
  • Social Media Support for Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube Channels
  • Push Notifications
  • App Analytics and Usage Reporting