Laugh out loud with the most versatile and popular word in the English language, “DUDE.” The iPhone and iPod Touch’s Original and Only “Dude” App, it features dozens of hilarious “Dude” recordings. When people say “Dude” it can mean anything and everything depending on the pronunciation and context. People can even converse saying nothing else but “Dude.” You’ll have hours and hours of fun laughing along with our pop culture’s greatest living word “Dude” and trying to figure out what each “Dude” recording really means. 

Dude comes in both FREE and Deluxe flavors. To test drive Dude now, give DUDE LITE a try.

Click here for DUDE LITE!


  • More hilarious dude recordings!
  • Save any Dude recording as a custom iPhone ring-tone
  • Send any Dude recording as an MP3 file to friends. What better way to say hello in this internet age?
  • Set Dude timers and alarms
  • Surprise friends with Dude bomb attacks
  • No annoying ads!

Click here to buy Dude Deluxe on the iTunes App Store — only 99 cents!


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