It’s never too early for Winter Season, Which is why we are pumped to tell you about LookOut – Blizzard. Warm up some hot cocoa and cuddle up in front of that Nostalgic claymation we all know and love- We’re looking at you, Rudolph… But wait a minute… what’s that?! Out of nowhere a giant snowball rolls through your … Read More

GameDay Technology Platform

Our industry leading Gameday Technology Platform is now available for the iPhone’s iOS and Android platform. The Gameday platform now powers the USC Gameday App. If you are looking to enhance the fan experience for your college or professional sports programs please be sure to contact us for a demonstration of the Gameday Technology platform. Web-Based Content Management The Gameday … Read More

Docuapps for the iPhone

DocuApps is a new series of Apps for mobile platforms. Each DocuApps provides the full text of books, laws and important legal documents. DocuApps allows users to research using Wikipedia and popular search engine tools from directly inside the document, right at the point where you are reading. You can also easily highlight passages and email them to friends and … Read More

The Eco Chef 10 Minute Meals with Bryan Au

We are really pleased to announce the launch of The Eco Chef 10 Minute Meals with Bryan Au.  Celebrity Chef Bryan Au joins forces with The App Company on a unique eco-friendly cooking App. The App is currently featured on the homepage of the iTunes and App Stores and is in the Top 5 of all Lifestyle Apps. Eco Chef … Read More

Ron Artest Teams up with The App Company

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest app — Ron Artest – Let’s Do It — now available on the iTunes and the iPhone App store. Ron is coming off of his first Championship with the Lakers and is looking forward to taking his fans on a thrill ride with exclusive access into his life including behind … Read More

Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science & Space Exploration

We are proud to announce our newest partnership with astronaut Buzz Aldrin.  The Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science & Space Exploration for the iPhone is now available on the iTunes and the iPhone App store. Our HD version of the Buzz App for the iPad is now available too and has risen up the charts all the way to #2 … Read More

Great Mind Reader App

Amaze yourself and your friends with this funny and clever mind reading App. The Great Mind Reader is a magical mind reading spirit that lives in a colorful, animated world of crystal balls, magic and mystery. Be amazed as he reads your mind. The Great Mind Reader will ask you several questions and without you even saying the answers out … Read More

Don’t Press the Red Button You Moron!

Don’t Press the Red Button You Moron may not be the first Red Button App out for the iPhone but it is unequivocally the most feature-rich, useful and fun. And for the total, all-in cost — including tax — of FREE, why not try it out for yourself and find out why people everywhere are raving about “Don’t Press the … Read More

Dude Deluxe and Lite

Laugh out loud with the most versatile and popular word in the English language, “DUDE.” The iPhone and iPod Touch’s Original and Only “Dude” App, it features dozens of hilarious “Dude” recordings. When people say “Dude” it can mean anything and everything depending on the pronunciation and context. People can even converse saying nothing else but “Dude.” You’ll have hours … Read More