Buzz App Featured Prominently on iTunes

Our Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration Launched last week and Apple has taken notice. Having Buzz involved so prominently in the App has clearly been a big boost, but the App still needed to be great for this type of placement. We always felt it was great and the initial reaction from users has been fantastic.  Here … Read More

Ron Artest Teams up with The App Company

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest app — Ron Artest – Let’s Do It — now available on the iTunes and the iPhone App store. Ron is coming off of his first Championship with the Lakers and is looking forward to taking his fans on a thrill ride with exclusive access into his life including behind … Read More

Dude gets three Slap review over at!

Dude Deluxe was recently reviewed at and received a 3 slap rating. Here’s a little of what they had to say: “The Big Lebowski would get a kick outta this one! This app is very basic, though i must admit curiosity got the best of me as i found myself compelled to repeatedly press the big red DUDE button. … Read More

Dude Lite and Dude Deluxe Submitted to Apple

We submitted our two new Apps to Apple last week and hope to see them approved and appearing on the Apps Store this week.  Welcome to the world… Dude (Lite) and Dude Deluxe.   Dude is the most versatile and popular word in the English language.   The Apps feature dozens of hilarious “Dude” recordings in a beautifully rendered design.   Click … Read More

Nag-O-Meter Deluxe Launched

Nag-O-Meter Deluxe was launched today on the iPhone App Store and iTunes App Store for 99 cents. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

App Submitted to Apple and Promo Video

We submitted Nag-O-Meter Deluxe to Apple this week so hope to have it on the App Store and iTunes by next week. In the meantime, we created a promotional video and uploaded it to Youtube. We have smaller version featured on the homepage of this site, but here’s a larger version. Enjoy!

We’re Official!

We heard from Apple today. The App Company is now an official iPhone developer! We’ll be closing the offices for the rest of the day to celebrate with the team. We’ll probably be doing some paint balling with the crew in a our new The App Company shirts and hats!