The APP Company Takes Lead on iOS 8 and SWIFT, the iPhone/iPad’s New Programming Language

Today Apple hosted their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) for 2014 and to say Apple came in with a plethora of megaton announcements is an understatement! To go along with iOS 8, Apple announced a rejuvenated SDK described as “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store.” Apple is bringing more than 4,000 new APIs to the hands of developers including access to Touch ID, the keyboard, filters for photos, and more for the very first time in iOS history. Extensions are also coming to the table allowing for apps to interact with a large variety of iOS’ features without having to launch the app separately.

Along with the new APIs, Apple introduced a new programming language by the name of Swift. Objective-C has been Apple’s programming of choice for around twenty years now and Apple is ready has decided that now is the time to take the next step. Describing Swift as “Objective-C without the C”, Swift is going to improve on the speed and performance of programming enriching the Apple experience.

We could go on and on about the thousands of improvements Apple is introducing to the iOS platform, but instead we are writing to let everyone know that The APP Company is ready. With many successful apps such as the 2014 BNP Paribas Open Official App, which was featured on several outlets including Sports Illustrated, The APP Company has seen much success, but we will never be satisfied. With today’s news, The APP Company is excited to take advantage of the new tools Apple has provided to us and cannot wait for the large iOS user base to experience what we have down the pipeline.

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