Welcome to our website! We live, breathe and spend our day creating great mobile apps. We have created apps that have been featured on the App Store and Google Play Store and have been on the top of the sales lists. These apps have risen to #1 in Education, #2 in News and #5 in the Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle Categories. The APP Company partners with Celebrities and Athletes to create award-winning Apps. We have worked with Rocketman Buzz Aldrin, NBA Champion Ron Artest, Heisman Trophy runner-up Colt McCoy, NFL Pro Bowler Marcedes Lewis, Celebrity Chef Bryan Au and more.

Are you looking for a team to help you build a great App for your company? We can handle mobile projects from small, simple Apps to complex projects. Do you have a great App or idea and need some guidance or marketing help? The APP Company has a track record for creating beautiful and unique Apps which become top-sellers and are often featured on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Meet the Team

Jason Moskowitz, Co-Founder
Jason Moskowitz | Co-Founder

Jason Moskowitz founded U.S. Marketing & Promotions which was ranked as the #1 marketing services company in the United States and #107 on the prestigious Inc 500 list (1999). He has had a profound influence on the way today’s Fortune-500 companies launch and market their products. Successes include launching many well known brands from Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Crayola, Miller Brewing Company, Nissan, Hormel Foods, Wal-Mart, Reebok, Unilever and Pepsi-Cola. The company was sold to OmnicomGroup in 2000 in a deal valued at over $250 Million.

He is also the author of the world’s worst business book, (even though it did make it to the prestigious Top 25 Amazon.com business book list) Spark: Lending Your Way to Real Estate Millions. His greatest accomplishment, however, is the love he gives to and receives from his wife, every day.

Scot Robinson | Co-Founder

Scot Robinson has been creating and investing in website businesses since the dark ages. With his wife Debi, Scot created the ParenthoodWeb, one of the first parenting websites on the internet. He also founded Daytracker.com, Regards.com, LendingLeaders.com, TwoRags.com, Cancerdirectory.com and blogs about everything internet on NewOfferings.com. He has been a board member and advisor to several websites including Pictage.com, Opposingviews.com and Accuscore.com. Prior to discovering the internet (move over Al Gore!) Scot was a Senior Vice President at Wall Street investment bank, Dillon Read.

Scot consults with several public and private companies including Finjan Holdings, Inc. and InterDent, Inc.

Nick McCandless | Partner

Nick McCandless defines ‘expert’ in the realm of technology and apps as a young and passionate Entrepreneur. Once a Producer/Host for a variety of well respected networks including Machinima, Dailymotion, and BiteSizeTV, just to name a few, Nick has become the “go-to guy” for all aspects of the technology and mobile app industry, Nick has established his presence within the mobile app business and works with many talented developers on ensuring their mobile apps are a success.

Leading Team of Producers, Developers, and Designers

The APP Company only works with the best. Our leading team of Producers, Developers, and Designers work closely together with the highest of standards to ensure our clients always have their expectations far exceeded. When it comes to engaging a user and keeping a user with an App, you don’t have long to impress, so we always have our bases covered to keep users engaged and interested. Whether its a simple project or complex, we have all components under control and make sure to deliver the best mobile app experience possible.

Award-Winning Marketing and Public Relations Team

Launching an App into the App Stores and waiting for it to be successful is like buying a lottery ticket at your local gas station. In today’s world, launching a strong and incredible app is just half of the process. As soon as the development of the app begins, there needs to be a strong marketing plan to execute so that the day the App launches, it’s off to the races. Our award-winning marketing team has led apps to reach# 1 in Education, #2 in News, #3 in Entertainment & #5 in the Sports & Lifestyles categories.



If you’re looking to build an App, partner with us on a business opportunity, need help with marketing your product or like to engage our for a consulting assignment we would love to hear from you. Please take a moment to read the FAQs above. The answers to many of common questions we receive each day are contained in these FAQs.

We are known for our custom Apps for small, medium and large companies with budgets from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We also have several turn-key platforms that are packed with features and have gorgeous interfaces, yet can cost a fraction of the cost of custom Apps. Please give us as much detail as possible about your needs and let us know your planned budget.