About the Rating Game

The App Company has teamed with 2011 Playboy Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk on the new Rating Game iPhone App. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us at Support@TheAPPCompany.com, Twitter @TheAPPCompany or at www.theappcompany.com.

Special thanks to Josh Ryan, Photographer and Director. You can find out more about Josh at www.joshryanphoto.com.

Thanks to Bobby Hewitt, the Videographer on the Rating Game App. You can find out more about Bobby at www.bobbyhewitt.com.

We would like to thank the following talented writers who helped contribute to the Rating Game:

Mark Zaslove, Brian Bush, Krista Rudiger, Chris Farber, Andrew Friedberg, Clare A., J., David Morgan, Nathan Jordan, BJ Gallagher, Cynthia Siemens, Olivia Christian, Jeannie Polson, Sarelyn Radecke, Margaret Heidenry, Whitney D. Johnson, Ryan Stabile, Carrie Stett, Ives Brant.

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