About Us

Meet the Founders

  • Jason Moskowitz

  • Co-Founder

Jason Moskowitz founded U.S. Marketing & Promotions which was ranked as the #1 marketing services company in the United States and #107 on the prestigious Inc 500 list (1999). He has had a profound influence on the way today’s Fortune-500 companies launch and market their products. Successes include launching of many well known brands from Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Crayola, Miller Brewing Company, Nissan, Hormel Foods, Wal*Mart, Reebok, Unilever and Pepsi-Cola. In technology, Mr. Moskowitz played an integral role in the early deployment of new-to-the-world technologies including the internet (with WebTV), digital cameras (with Sony Digital Mavica) and DVRs (with ReplayTV and Philips Electronics). The company was sold to OmnicomGroup in 2000 in a deal valued at over $250 Million.
Since 2001, Mr. Moskowitz founded V2V Acquisitions & Development Company, InSymphony Private Capital and SkyBridge Private Air (the latter was sold to Magellan Jets in 2012). He was an investor in the 2004 acquisition of the Los Angeles Dodgers and is currently in partnership with Hollywood producer Ted Field in Radar Pictures, where he is an owner and serves on the Board of Directors. In 2009, Mr. Moskowitz together with Scot Robinson founded The APP Company where amongst the many successes and opportunities, he co-wrote the astronaut and moonwalker Buzz Aldrin’s inspirational closing day speech at Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference. (WWDC’11), the last attended by Steve Jobs.
He is also the author of the world’s worst business book (even though it did make it to the prestigious Top 25 Amazon.com business book list) Spark: Lending Your Way to Real Estate Millions.
His greatest accomplishment, however, is the love he gives to and receives from his wife, everyday.

  • Scot Robinson

  • Co-Founder

Scot Robinson has been creating and investing in website businesses since the dark ages. With his wife Debi, Scot created the ParenthoodWeb, one of the first parenting websites on the internet. He also founded Daytracker.com, Regards.com, LendingLeaders.com, TwoRags.com, Cancerdirectory.com and blogs about everything internet on NewOfferings.com. He has been a board member or advisor to several websites including Pictage.com, Opposingviews.com and Accuscore.com. Prior to discovering the internet (move over Al Gore!) Scot was a Senior Vice President at Wall Street investment bank Dillon Read.

  • Danielle Cervantes

  • Director of Communications

Danielle Cervantes is awesome and loves Howard Stern.

  • Nick McCandless

  • Senior Producer/Global Marketing Manager

Florida native Nick McCandless defines ‘expert’ in the realm of video games and technology as a young and passionate Producer/Host for a variety of well respected networks including Machinima, Dailymotion, and BiteSizeTV, just to name a few. Known as the “go-to guy” for all aspects of the technology industry, Nick is establishing his presence within the mobile app business and works with many talented developers on ensuring their mobile game app is a success.